"The objectives of public policies derive from values, not expertise"

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skolica 21 4 2015Zagreb, 22nd April 2015 – Study of IEC and the Academy titled "Managing the institutions of the state" continues its work. This time lecturers were professor Ana Petek and professor Luka Ribarević from the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb. Thanks again for the support of the Dutch Liberal Party D66.

Ana Petek continued about public policy, thereby explaining the differences between the types of goals and the relationship between the individual instruments. Petek also spoke about the social framework, target groups and discourse on policies. Also, a professor pointed out in her lecture that defining the objectives of public policy is highly political issue, as it is primarily based on values, not expertise. For this reason, the political elites have immensely important role in the transformation of their ideological positions and political values into specific objectives of public policy.

Luka Ribarević held his first lecture as part of the course "History of Political Ideas" and in introduction presented the curriculum for all five meetings. Below followed the thought of the first author of political modernity, a Florentine diplomat, politician and philosopher Machiavelli. He explained the difference between what is in texts Machiavelli wrote and what is identified with Machiavellianism, the bare struggle for power devoid of any moral considerations.