Friedrich Naumann for Freedom visited CPP

sastanak fnst 22 4Zagreb, 23rd April 2015 – Delegation of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom was in Zagreb and visited the Central Office of the CPP.

Organizer of the meeting was CPP's Political Academy, and the meeting was attended by Charles du Vinage, Director of the Foundation for the Western Balkan countries, Dušan Dinić, Coordinator of the Foundation and Manfred Richter, a member of the Board of the Foundation. Croatian People's Party - Liberal Democrats was represented by a member of Parliament and President of CPP's Women's Initiative Sonja König and Žarko Stilin, head of the Central Office.

In a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere representatives of the Foundation for the Western Balkan countries were informed about the activities of the CPP in an election year and preparations for the same. Also, they discussed the current situation on the Croatian political scene and the new Election Law.

Sonja König introduced the representatives of the Foundation with novelties that have occurred after Amendments to the Law on Election of Members of the Croatian Parliament, which for the voters, but also for the Parliament brought new rules of the game. Speaking about the same, König pointed out a big step forward in gender equality that was achieved by amending the Act which provides for the lists of candidates representation of at least 40 percent of members of both sexes or the introduction of so-called quotas. Also, she explained the preferential voting. Žarko Stilin presented the work of the 3rd Department of the Academy with the aim of organizational strengthening of the party that is about to begin a tour of the entire Croatia. In this way the party is preparing for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Also, the head of the central office thanked the Foundation for the excellent cooperation with the 4th department of CPP's Political Academy. Specifically, through the cooperation of the German Liberal Foundation and the Academy, Croatian People's Party - Liberal Democrats has for many years held numerous trainings for their party officials. It is important to emphasize that this academic year, all seminars and trainings are aimed for the parliamentary elections.

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