The state as a legal order

petek 28 4Zagreb, 29th April 2015 – Yesterday, participants of our study listened about the history of political ideas and public policies. Moderators were professors from the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb Ana Petek and Luka Ribarević.

Luka Ribarević opened a new chapter of its course. By exposing the idea of Jean Bodin about the state, he compared it with Machiavelli. It was pointed out that Bodin's motivation to deal with the idea of the state stemmed from a desire to overcome the state of war that has reigned in his country in the 16th century. As the professor said, Bodin saw a way out of a religious war in France in the state marked by a sovereign and the correct rule, and such a state is the guarantor of the legal order which at least protects everyone's right to life.

After the political ideas, Ana Petek spoke about the policy-making actors and explained to the students the difference between formal and informal types of actors. Particularly interesting was the analysis of the relationship between the actors because the structure of the relationship greatly determines the outcome of political decision-making.

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