"Local politics is extremely important because it is closest to the citizens"

panel web d66Zagreb, 19th October 2015 – On Thursday, 15th October a panel has been held about local politics and coalitions at the local level. With this panel started the second semester of the Academy and the International Education Center entitled "Management in the institutions of the state".

At the panel their experiences have shared Anne-Marijke Podt, alderman of Dutch liberal party D66 in city of Utrecht and Igor Baković, Adviser of the Mayor of the City of Split for Science and Culture. The panel discussed the creation of public policy at the local level and building and maintaining coalitions. Special attention was directed to the discussion of the relation of politics as a struggle for power and responsibilities of being an integral part of decision-making in politics, in terms of achieving compromises that are an integral part of political life.

Anne-Marijke Podt has pointed out that political and public work can make small changes for the better life of the citizens.

"All of us who enter into politics, we're going with the idea that we will change the world. The reality is different! In reality, we can hope to make a small change for the better. Management of the city or the state is like managing a large boat. You can not expect to completely change his direction, but you may be able to focus better to sail through", said Podt.

When participants asked about the relationship of local and national politics, Igor Baković said that local politics is important because it is closest to the citizens. Local policy concerns local problems and has a direct and tangible impact on the lives of citizens, so it is extremely important to the citizens who will represent them at the local level.

In cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom the event was attended by Youth of the party Aleanca Kosovo e Re (AKR), who stayed in Zagreb from 14th to 16th October 2015.

The panel was moderated by the Head of the Academy Boris Blažeković, and the introduction to the whole event gave Goran Neralić, president of IEC and an associate of the Academy.

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