„Political marketing means a two-way communication“

grbesa 27 10 2015Zagreb, October 28, 2015 – On Tuesday, the first lecture was held on the subject of Political Marketing within the study programme of the Political Academy of HNS and the International Educational Centre. Lecture was held by Professor Marijana Grbeša from the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb.

Professor talked about the birth of political marketing and the development of the discipline in America through certain time periods. She also presented the contributions of fathers of political marketing Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays, who introduced and developed many concepts that we take for granted today.

Professor Grbeša explained the difference between political marketing and propaganda. „Political marketing exists only in democracies and free societies. Propaganda is a form of one-way, top-down communication, while political marketing means a two-way communication, the process of adapting the message and content to the preferences and values of the target audiences. Authoritarian regimes and their political leaders do not have the need to adapt to the opinions of their citizens." Professor also added that the influence of political marketing on the integrity of the democratic process has been the object of fierce discussion since the beginning of the discipline.

Lectures on political marketing continue next week, when participants of the Academy's study programme will be able to delve deeper into different aspects of political marketing.

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