On the coordination of the Croatian Government and the ministries at the Academy

marcetic 26 11 2015Zagreb, 27th of November 2015 – On Thursday, 26th of November in the Political Academy of HNS, an introductory lecture was held on the topic of Coordination of the Croatian Government and ministries within the study programme "Governance in institutions of the state" which was held by prof. Gordana Marčetić from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb.

Prof. Marčetić introduced the participants to the topic by explaining the institutional differences between democratic and undemocratic systems of government. The professor then went on to explain the institutional structure of the Croatian political system, while focusing on analysing the relations between the Croatian Government, the President, and the Croatian Parliament. During the lecture, a lively debate developed over the question of relation between the Croatian Government and the public administration with the regards to establishing effective political leadership while maintaining professional standards in the public administration.

Study programme of the IEC and the Political Academy of HNS continues next week with lectures on Comparative political systems.

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