Recipe for political leadership always consists of an idea and power to implement it

WP 20151217 002 WEBZagreb, December 18, 2015 – Within the framework of the IEC's and the Academy's study programme, lectures were held on political systems and political sociology. Lectures were held by Professor Boško Picula from the School of International Relations and Diplomacy Dag Hammarskjöld and professor Darko Polšek from the Faculty of Philosophy from Zagreb.


 In the introductory lecture on the topic of political doctrines, professor Polšek presented the students with essential concepts in political sociology such as government, power and legitimacy. Professor explained the different sources of legitimacy of political systems, amongst them which are also political doctrines. There was also talk on the game theory and the essential nature of human behaviour.

Professor Picula in his final lecture within the study programme talked about the relationship of the executive and legislative branches of government in presidential, parliamentary and semi-presidential political systems. Professor also touched on the topic of political leadership, emphasizing that good leadership always consists of an idea of what to do and the political power to do it.

Since February of this year, participants in the study programme had an opportunity to listen to over 60 lectures on different aspects of politics and policymaking. Final lectures in 2015 will be held next week.

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