Manual: “The budget in Public Local (Regional) Self-governance – examples from practice“

proracun gotov webZagreb, 25th of January – CPP's Political Academy's 6th department titled The publishing Department, published its first manual titled "The budget in Public Local (Regional) Self-governance – examples from practice". In the manual itself can be found useful information on the notion of the budget itself, legislative and institutional framework of the budget, the budget cycle and the practical implementation of the budget.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Milorad Batinić, Klaudija Brezovec, Kristijan Jurjak, Goran Kovačević, Davor Lamza and Jug Puljizević who have enabled our use of their lectures and materials, our editor, Marija Duljković, our lector Marijana Milinović and graphical and technical editor Marija Dekanić. Finally we would like to give special thanks to CPP's Central office without whom all of this would never have become a reality.


We believe that this booklet, as well as every other forthcoming publication, will benefit you greatly in mastering certain specific topics and skills for carrying out especially responsible duties while working in the Public Local (Regional) Self-governance as well as other political functions in the party and society in general, with the common goal of a better and happier life of each and every one of our fellow citizens.

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