About the Academy


By statutory provision, all members of CPP have the right to further education. Political Academy of CPP along with its educators/teachers/for each county organization established in Trakoscan on the seminar held from 15 to 17 July 2005 entitled "The powers, responsibilities, tasks and features of local and regional self-government“. CPP is a great party. From year to year, CPP notes a growing number of organizational entities/subsidiaries. Such growth except for organizational and inter-party problems and restructuring bears, the responsibility for public political action, and it is exactly such an approach that our citizens and members of the party expect from us. Each member of CPP has the right and should receive additional training to gain knowledge that facilitates the work in the party and enhances the performance of the duties to which he was elected. In any case, further political education will make us more efficient in performing such tasks as responsible CPP members or representatives in one of the representative bodies of the Republic of Croatia. Our participants are in the closest contact with the problems and needs of their community. That same community expects from their representatives quality and transparent operation, answers to many questions and always to be one step ahead with solutions. CPP along with its voters in local and regional government expect a lot of these people, which also implies a great responsibility. CPP's officials in local and regional governments represent "an army" of people who through their work and involvement in local communities, can and should make a significant impact on improving the quality of life for their citizens. As this is a very specific job for which there is no adequate school education, it was decided that CPP organizes an educational center called "Political Academy of CPP". The priority task of the Academy is to educate officials in local and regional governments in terms of a full and comprehensive introduction to all the problems, methods and techniques to solve problems at the local level. Fortunately CPP has enough people who have learned over the years of work at all levels of local and regional government how to do their job. We have our members and experts in specific areas, and numerous contacts with nonpartisan and international organizations and experts who can help us in raising the level of knowledge of our councilors. Originally the Academy as a statutory body of CPP has worked through its four departments. Because of the requirements of the membership later on 2 more departments have been added so the Academy now operates through seven departments.  

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