"For smart city is most important to perform a thorough analysis of the needs of its citizens"

kr gradovi webKrapina, Rijeka, February 27, 2017. – HNS County Organization of Krapina-Zagorje County and all the counties of Istria and Primorje-Gorski Kotar-Lika-Senj Regional Alliance held a training about the smart cities. Vedran Kružić, Assistant Minister of Trade and Internal Market in term 2011./2015. and Damir Medved, a senior consultant for R & D, Ericsson Nikola Tesla and head of the National Competence Center for smart cities were talking about this subject in Krapina and Rijeka.

During the lecture, lecturers pointed out that smart city is not made of the latest technology that is installed at certain locations but most important is to make a thorough analysis of the needs of its citizens and in that way to prepare smart specialization. "Through the system of smart city we strive for good quality provision of necessary information to citizens to enable them to use their time in the best possible way but also to neutralize the negative impacts on the environment through the management systems," said Kružić.

As the most important advantages in terms of creating a smart city the efficient use of infrastructure is pointed out. "There is a possibility of recording the underground infrastructure in order to prevent damage during work constructions or in order to charge the utility for such facilities, as well as the ability to provide various services to the citizens and guests in a form of information about places worth visiting, as well as a broad range of necessary information to entrepreneurs and investors who would like to invest in a particular local entity," said Medved.

As lecturers told, the fact is that the costs of such systems dramatically fallen in recent years so the basic services that are interesting for small towns can be implemented for a few tens of thousands kunas, which means that the system is available to almost all towns and municipalities.

The hosts of the seminar in Krapina was the Mayor of Radoboj Anđelko Topolovec and the Member of Parliament, Marija Puh pointed out how such a system should be interesting to our cities and communities, particularly because of the possibility of the development of integrated tourist offer for the guests that are passsing by through our country during the summer months.

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