The Academy published "Little handbook for the EU elections"

EU prirucnik webZagreb, 6th of May, 2014 - Sixth department of CPP's Political Academy - Publishing department released his second handbook. After the publication "Budget - examples from practice", we decided to publish "Little handbook for the EU elections".

The manual contains information about the European political system, the Liberals in the European Commission, Council of the EU and the European Council, as well as many other information on the liberal ideas in the European Union represented by the European Liberal Party ALDE. However, we believe the most important thing in this handbook is the explanation how the elections are held in the European Parliament, how to be nominated and elected and the importance of preferential vote.

By becoming EU member every five years we elect representatives to the European Parliament. European Parliament elections are extremely important, and CPP as the Liberal Party should definitely have their representatives in the European Parliament. The value of liberal ideas and messages, on whose foundations lie all policies of CPP, is important for the EU, but at this time is even more important for Croatia.

CPP has since its founding been and still is a party that promotes all the values that characterize countries of "Western democracy" and most strongly advocated for Croatian accession to the EU and NATO. Efforts and activities of all members of the CPP deserve to be rewarded by representative in the EU parliament.
We hereby thank our lector Marijana Milinović and graphics editor Antun Janković. Finally immensely thanks to CPP's Central Office for realisation of this project.

We believe that this book will help bring Europe closer to our citizens. We will end by quoting the president of CPP Vesna Pusić:

"Why is Europe our Europe? Why is Europe significant at all levels? Individually, for each one of us, it is significant because it is a part of our identity. It's not our whole identity, but we are Europeans. And for each of us, understanding their own family, their own genesis, himself, a space that each of us feels like their space of freedom, of free movement, is the area of Europe! Of course, we can be citizens of the world, we can feel comfortable in all parts of the world, but in order to feel comfortable in all parts of the world, we need to know where we are. And we are ont only from Croatia, we are from Europe also. On an individual level, for each of us Europe means a specific type of civilization, even one specific type of civilization that we share".

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