The Academy published a "Small manual for the election campaign"

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kampanja prirucnik webZagreb, 15th May 2015 – 6th Department of CPP's Political Academy, Department of publishing, released its third manual titled "Small manual for the election campaign - practical examples".

The decision about participating in elections in its essence has to be an idea or a vision of what we want to achieve in the city, municipality, local board, state when running for candidate. It's not just about the percentages of votes and number of seats in the parliament, but also about ideas and programs. The decision, therefore, is primarily political, then a technical issue. With regard to the substance of the decision, firmness of the decision and its clarity - decision practically defines the election campaign.

In principle, the campaign is fully designed primarily for the voters and it is "service" to them, but campaigns can, regardless of the result of the elections, bring out new party projects, people, ideas, trends. The campaign could be a message to entire political public, competitors, rivals, partners. It is important that campaign is more informative, more attractive, more special, more creative and more interactive.

Without campaign there are no elections!

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