Ten years of work of Political Academy in CPP's newsletter!

web broj21 novineZagreb, 13th July 2015 – In newsletter No. 21 of Croatian People's Party - Liberal Democrats, which was released on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Political Academy, you can read the activities and attractions that are devoted exclusively to the enormous task of CPP: winning the parliamentary elections with the coalition partners.

In legible material were presented constituencies and their coordinators, short reports from the ministries, the report from the Club of the CPP, a report from the Office of Member of the EU parliament Jozo Radoš, news from Women's Initiatives, CPP's Youth, as well as "the Corner of Secretary-General".

But clearly, the most pages present our Academy. We especially recommend the double page with a selection of just a few of the thousands of pictures taken on the seminars, round tables, lectures of the Academy, and even the latest study entitled "Managing the institutions of the state."

It is clear it was hard to write and describe all that the Academy did and produced in the past ten years. But one thing is certain! Thanks to the Political Academy, CPP has additionally educated twenty thousand members. That the Academy has succeeded in its intention show the election results held in the last ten years at all levels.

And to quote our colleague and MP Ivica Mandić:
"For me time spent at the seminars of Political Academy was the most beneficial time spent in the party at all. Everything else came after that."

Boris Blažeković,
Head of CPP's Political Academy and chief editor of the special edition of newsletter

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