Started the 3rd semestar of CPP's Political Academy

spehar 6 4 webZagreb, 6rd April 2016. - On Wednesday, April 6th, was held the first meeting within the third and final semestar of the study of public management organized by CPP's Political Academy and the International Education Center. Lecture on the political system of the European Union held Hrvoje Ĺ pehar, a professor of the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb.

In the opening lecture Ĺ pehar has presented an institutional framework and explained the basic features of the European Union. The professor pointed out that the EU is not an international organization, or the state, but the political system "sui generis", that is historically unique system.

In the following lectures, participants will be able to hear more about the European institutions, but also discuss which are the concrete effects of the EU, that we take for granted.

Along the themes of the European Union and local government the final semester is focusing on the acquisition of policy analysis skills. Participants will be able to apply these skills immediately in practice when writing their diploma thesis and later during their career in public service.

The third semester is organized by CPP's Political Academy and the International Education Center, with the support of nursing liberal party VVD from Netherlands.

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